Council for Citizens against Government Waste
Government Arbitration on prices of Medicines in Medicare:   Harms Patients, Paralyzes

Twenty-six Conservative Groups Stand Strong Against Government Arbitration

The latest dangerous proposal coming from Capitol Hill would allow the government to use arbitration in Medicare to set drug prices that will harm patients and paralyze innovation. It would put a government accountant between doctors and their patients and lead to rationing.

Twenty-six fiscally conservative groups, including the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, Americans for Tax Reform, American Conservative Union, National Taxpayers Union, and Freedom Works signed a letter opposing government arbitration to set drug prices.

Throughout history, price controls have always hurt the people they were intended to help. Now some members of Congress want to put price controls on drugs. That will hurt patients.

In socialized healthcare systems, the only way to control costs is to ration care. That means fewer choices and less quality.

Price controls lead to less innovation. That means fewer cures for cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

Too many politicians from both parties are relying on more government control to address healthcare needs. That’s why we joined a coalition of conservative groups in firm opposition to socialized medicine.

We need more competition to bring down drug costs prices and spur on innovation.

The stakes are clear, the consequences severe, and the threat to innovation is real: government arbitration is not the answer to lower drug costs. We need more competition and less government intervention in healthcare.


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